We've all heard the saying "Faith without works is dead", and it's true that faith without works is nonexistent. It is important to get goals out of your head and onto paper, because those goals that sit in your head are dreams and are easily forgotten. How many times have you lost your train of thought when talking? It's so easy to forget things quickly. The same thing happens when we think of these amazing ideas, and some minutes later forgot what we were thinking about. Those visions and dreams become lost. God wants us to be spiritually in tune with him - living abundant lives with riches and blessings, but he wants us to work hard for the things that we want in our lives. During these past few weeks, I've been feeling a tug on my heart to find new ways to be my best most successful self. I need guidance, and I want to learn so I decided to ask for help.

     Now, this concept seems like something that isn't even comprehendible to some because we all want to think that we have it together. Trust me, you are talking to the queen of "I got this". Asking for help puts me in a vulnerable and honest state that shows me that I, in fact, do not "got this" all of the time the way. It's called pride, and it prevents you from saying "I'm not perfect. I have no clue what I'm doing, I need help.", and it keeps us at a distance from God.

     When we live pretending we have everything together, how likely is it that we would reach out to the people around us for assistance, guidance, support or love? We become hardened in a mindset that tells us that we don't need people to assist us, or that we don't need to be around like-minded people. We are trying to conceal our unpleasant and uncomfortable reality that we need to reach out for assistance. God didn't create us to be solely to ourselves, and he didn't create us to never need anything from anyone outside of ourselves. The habit of not reaching out to others in pride could ultimately cause us to not reach out to God in our time of need. We could become lost in a "I got this" mentality. 

We have to open ourselves up to the love that is found in God in order for him to work, and then we must also do the work. Write down your goals as they come to you. Write down your ideas. Write down when you accomplish your goals. Keep yourself motivated and celebrate your wins but lean on God for guidance. He is here to help you.

Break down those walls. Harden not your heart.
God cannot heal us with our walls up.
God cannot help us in our pride.

I am learning to be open. I am learning to ask for help. I am learning to be the woman that God has called me to be, and it is a beautiful journey. I am blessed. God has shown me that I need him in every aspect of my life, because I wasn't created to do life alone. I am thankful for the lesson that I found in that. 

In what ways are you holding yourself back with pride?