Amethyst, the crystal of balance.

Amethyst is a "healing" crystal that serves as a reminder of the nourishing energy there is in balance. Balance is an essential piece of life because it calls us to live in equilibrium. This means that all aspects of our life must be cared for in the same amount of effort. To be our best selves is to love ourselves, and to love ourselves enough to make every part of us amazing, healthy, beautiful and impactful. Understand that you have qualities to bring into the world. Become someone who cares about their self progression as much as anything else in their life.

I am a priority, and I will love myself in a way that is a reflection of my importance.
In this present moment, I am shaping my future.
I am committed to loving myself and caring for myself.
I am a (man/woman) that is cares about my well-being - physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual.

Take care of yourself, love. You have so much purpose. You have balance inside of you, spend time with yourself and find it.