Rose Quartz, The Crystal of Unconditional Love.

Unconditional is never ending
There is no limit
no expiration
no cancellation.

There is only love.

Do we seek to love, if love is conditional?
If love has limits?
If love ends?

Love wasn't meant for conditions
Love was created to be everlasting.

So, tell me, what is a love with limits?

I write to practice openness because transparency brings you closer to yourself.

How can we love if we are not open? A freed mind brings about a loving spirit. So through my own journey I am learning how to be free, which sometimes feels endless like I'm fighting a battle in circles, but love ends battles. Love, in its entirety, frees you from yourself. It is at the forefront of healing. Love's arms are open when you are running. Love is a safe place. Love is a healing space. Love is guidance. Love is wisdom. Love is correction. Love is accountability. Love is protection, understanding and honesty. But love comes from openness. Open up your heart to love, so that when you love it is healing.