Believe me when I tell you that anything is possible. You can do anything that you put your mind to, plus you have God on your side so you can never lose. All of the things that you've believed for and worked for will manifest. All of your dreams can and will happen. Anything is possible. Don't be discouraged by how long it takes because there is a place and time for everything. God knows what you need, when you need it (and God won't give you something that you're not ready for because you may mess it up, you're welcome). Your life is already destined for great things, opportunities and success. Your future is already amazing, you can't even begin to imagine how great it is. So, be patient in the now, wait, and work towards your vision. 

Here are some tips:

1. Don't be conditioned by the past.

Sometimes our past can try to haunt us, or intimidate us so that we don't try again. Try again.

2. Don't be afraid of the present.

God has something here right now that is just for you. Don't miss it. Whatever the challenge is, face it because you will win. Don't let fear drown your faith.

3. Don't fail to grow into your future.

Your future will require more of you than you are right now, which is why growth is so important.

4. You need a vision.

Who do you want to be?

5. Heal.

You will have to release the pains from life so that you do not carry them with you into your vision and future. Don't let bitterness block your blessings.

You will be more than you thought you would be. You will be more than what your parents said you would be. You will be more than your haters and enemies thought you would be.

The rest of your days will be the best of your days. So, what's your God sized dream?