Faith is a kind of crazy, out of this world belief in what you cannot see. It's saying despite what this looks like, despite how I feel, I am going to trust God to do what he said he would do. It doesn't have feeling, it is simply trusting. When we try to mix faith and feeling, we can find ourselves in a confusing space. Fear tells me that I shouldn't go for it, but faith tells me that I should... So, what should I do? You should simply believe. All of your dreams are possible. All of the love that you desire is available to you. Believe in it, have faith, and walk into your destiny. 


How many times have we talked ourselves into having a bad day by saying "That ruined my day", or "Today is going to be stressful"? How many times have we discouraged ourselves by telling ourselves that we couldn't do something or that we weren't good enough? How many times have our words caused us to stop working on something that was so close to our hearts, or caused us to lose passion in something that we were overly passionate about? I know because I've done it too. The thing is, our words have so much power.

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