Jasmyn Ruja is a 22 year old life coach, writer, speaker and author specializing in behavioral coaching and mental health awareness and advocacy. Her passion for helping people find themselves has allowed her to create a life coaching brand called "The Rujacademy". The Rujacademy is a spiritual empowerment brand that allows a safe space for self-development as Jasmyn works to instill confidence, healthy self-esteem, healthy self-talk, and motivation in achieving personal goals that students may have set for their lives. The Rujacademy's services promote healing from traumas, insecurities, self-doubt, and lack of belief in oneself. Students that enroll will be able to participate in interactive workshops, seminars, and creative activities that will bring them closer to self-awareness and internal healing. 


Our site is for anybody looking to increase their knowledge in Mental Health, anybody who enjoys positivity, and anybody who is looking to strengthen their self awareness. 

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